GET /teams

The Teams public information (available at is available for querying using the method/data model /teams. This is the available endpoint for this data source:

Repository Endpoint URL Status
FIRST API v1 Stable

Additional Parameters

These parameters may also be added to the query string to filter the results:

Parameter Type Description
country char(2) Filters the teams by country. Use ISO 2-letter code for filtering.
region string Filters the teams by continental regions (South America, Europe, Asia, etc)
team string Filters the teams by name (Short Team Name)
q string Free text search at the team name, country and country name.


These are the allowed scope for the FIRST Teams dataset:

Scope Description
public (default) Shows the information available at the Team public profile page, without PGP keys
members Only available to authenticated Team Members, brings all the additional information available at the FIRST Members' website, including PGP keys.
minimal Shows the minimal set of information, with abreviated keys: { u: url, s: team short, t: team, c: country, o: other countries of team, r: region }
country Same as minimal, without abreviations.
pgp Shows the Team's public PGP keys


The response object contains a list of valid Teams: